Subscription Plans

Indiid is a beta service

We've made Indiid available as soon as possible, while we're still building it. Some of the basic features are unfinished and many of the more advanced features aren't present at all. We'll be gradually developing the main features based on feedback from our users.

We currently recommend a Basic level subscription as best value for most users as the most of the benefits of the two other plans aren't available yet.

However we hope that if you see the promise of Indiid you do sign up for a Plus or Pro account, to help kickstart our funding. We are bootstrapping a sustainable business rather than chasing investors. If you'd like to help crowd-fund us we'd be very happy if you chose a Plus or Pro account. We'll pay a lot of attention to suggestions from our our early Plus and Pro customers as we add features to Indiid.


£5 per year


  • Single-step authentication
  • LoA1 equivalent
  • Account linking
  • Member affiliation
Choose Basic Plan


£3 per month


  • Multiple-step authentication
  • LoA2 equivalent
  • - All Basic features -
  • Time & location protection
  • Receive entitlements
  • Role Aliases
  • XMPP/Jabber instant messaging
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£5 per month


  • Multiple-step authentication
  • LoA2 equivalent
  • - All Plus features -
  • identity validation
  • Remote auditing
  • Grant entitlements
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All Plans Also Come With...

  • Email forwarding address
  • Yubikey compatibility
  • Secure passphrase generator
  • SAML/Shibboleth compatibility
  • OpenID compatibility

Is there a free plan?
No, we currently only provide paid accounts. We need a way to pay our bills and other sources of income would conflict with the sort of service we want to provide.
Can I change my subscription plan later?
Yes. Your account settings let you change your subscription plan whenever you want.
Can I cancel a subscription?
Yes. After cancelling you have the choice of keeping the inactive account or deleting it.
Do you store card details securely?
We don't store them at all - we use Pin Payments to securely manage your details. We don't have any access to your payment information.
What payment options are available?
You can pay by Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards. We can also accept annual subscriptions by cheque or bank transfer - please contact us for details if this would be useful.
Your prices are in pounds. Can I pay in dollars?
You should be able to pay using your credit card from anywhere in the world, although you might be charged a small transaction fee.
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